Terry Kane is a third generation Irish-American, whose
grandparents and great grandparents came from Ireland
after the great famine and during the later part of the 1800's.
They loved to play the old Irish tunes and to dance.
Immersed in the Irish American culture while she was a
child, the songs of Irish American Musical Theatre are
imbedded in her heart. As a teenager she learned the
songs of the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland.
Terry earned her master's degree in Music Education and
now gives private lessons. She has spent the last twenty
years studying traditional Irish music. With her Irish
language study she has adopted her Gaelic name,
Treasa Ní Chatháin and is collecting and performing sean nós songs. It is rare to find a singer with the passion for all these genres. Treasa has the skill to present each with integrity.
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Also known for her Irish - American songs, Treasa performs traditional ballads in English and lively songs accompanied on guitar and mandolin. For booking information and Irish music events select CALENDAR.
Treasa gives private lessons at her studio. You may find more information about her qualifications and places she has performed by selecting WHERE SHE'S BEEN in the left column
An experienced performer of Irish traditional music, Treasa's specialty is sean nós (old-style) singing. The songs are sung a cappella, with much ornamentation, in free meter. They have many verses but no chorus and are sung in Irish. These are the most traditional of all Irish songs as well as the most beautiful. For lyrics, liner notes, and translations click SEAN NÓS in the left column.
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